3dino Legno with ingenuity is a creative project and distribution on the national territory of mechanical models in eco-sustainable wood that can be assembled without glue.

Our products are inspired by real life mechanisms and perfectly represent what our motto is: “Wood with Ingenuity”.

To offer an engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family, is perhaps the reason why Kardamom and her 3dino project started this experience in 2016.
The whole range of our 3d puzzles, now contains over 200 different products and for all ages, what at first could seem a game, has turned into a lifestyle, a fantastic pastime where the adult returns to be a child and where the latter You can hear a little engineer forgetting about the existence of mobile phones, videogames and social networks.

In less than two years 3Dino is exhibited and sold in more than 300 outlets scattered throughout the national territory: museums, cinemas, malls and big brands, have included our concept in the catalogue.

Our products are put in motion thanks to solar energy, elastic charges, perpetual motion, levers and gears; Assembling one involves patience and application, but this is the real key to success and the increase in sales for your store.

Visit our website www.3dino.eu, become our reseller https://www.3dino.eu/diventa-rivenditore/and in a few days you will transform the showcase of your shop into a real tourist attraction.

3Dino Wood with ingenuity