• Carefully follow all the illustrations and explanations contained in each of the 3Dino products.
  • Do not rush to complete the assembly operations: calm and precision will be the keys to the perfect functioning of each of the 3D puzzles.
  • The photovoltaic line (airplanes, mills, helicopters and vehicles) works with the sun’s beam directly on the solar panel and with the artificial light that must be at least that provided by a 70 watt light bulb (better light bulb for spot light with warm light) . Be careful: artificial light can burn the solar panel, if placed too close to it.
  • The photovoltaic line must be fitted with care: make sure that the black plastic pin is pushed with the necessary force until the motor pin stops from running. This operation will be used to make the propellers, blades or wheels of the 3D Puzzle run correctly. Remember: everything must be inserted until the end of the run.
  • Once the assembly is complete, start the propellers / blades with a tap, or hint at the movement of the wheels of your road vehicles, using the fingers of your hand. Naturally the product must be exposed under an artificial light or to the sun rays.
  • The entire collection of dinosaurs and moving vehicles requires a lot of patience and application; carefully follow the assembly instructions step by step and pay maximum attention to assembly. The electronic components, which will allow your games to move in the most correct way, should be mounted in the right direction and with the necessary care.
  • Don’t rush and make sure to follow the instructions in the instructions correctly.

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